Valiani Mat Pro-i 150

Code: 34-1021
Width 1900mm
Height 1950mm
Weight 120kg
Depth 600mm
Working Area 1500mmx1000mm
Code: 34-1021

Valiani Matt Pro I 150


Mat Pro-i
Pneumatic Mat Cutter

Requires only an air compressor – no electronics, no computer, no software to learn.
The Mat Pro-i is a durable and proven pneumatic mat cutting machine that delivers exceptional quality, versatility and value. The Mat Pro-i mat cutter is a unique manual/air-powered design that incorporates several design features of the Valiani CMC line, without the added complexity of computers, software or electronics – and at a fraction of the cost.

Supports interchangeable heads: Optional cutting heads for 45° bevel, 90° straight cut up to 5mm (3/16”) foam board, and embossing.
The Mat Pro-i now accepts it’s own interchangeable cutting heads, the first and only non-computerised machine to offer optional 45° bevel and 90° straight cutting, as well as embossing head options. It offers the flexibility to accommodate matting materials and design concepts of the future.

Precise, simple surface v-groove cutting, no special attachments or options needed.
V-groove cutting is extremely easy and consistent, with precision built right in to the front-surface cutting head design. Virtually any 90° corner design can be done; steps. Offsets, inlays, open v-grooves, reverse-bevels – all with a degree of speed an accuracy that is simply not possible with a table-top manual mat cutter.

Upright cutting posture minimises user fatigue.
Upright operation on the sturdy steel floor stand eliminates bending over a work table, while a smooth counterbalance mechanism and ergonomic handles reduce physical effort. Blade depth is easily adjusted with the knob on the cutting head for v-groove cutting or various board types, without changing a blade or magazine.

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