Geminus-iv 190 (1250 x 1900)

Code: 34-1016
Code: 34-1016

Geminus-iv 190 (1250 x 1900)


Geminus-iV represents the ultimate cutting machine in the Valiani range.

Equipped with two independent heads and a permanent pen holder means no interruption during the work cycle.  These characteristics translate into high capacity production by being able to simultaneously use 3 tools which, if combined with the large range of interchangeable heads, provide a huge variety of workflow options.

Available in an oversized format 1250x1900mm, it allows work on an ample single worktable or on two independent workstations, each with a capacity of 1200x900mm.

The large vacuum worktable offers an important alternative for clamping the work in hand, increasing significantly the range of materials that can be used.

The Geminus-iV can be used effectively on matboard, as well as a large range of materials for packaging and signage.

· Matboard
· Corrugated & folding cardboard
· Rigid materials such as vinyl, Forex, PVC and polycarbonates
· Corrugated polycarbonate
· Gatorboard

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