CWH1 Micro -Sawtooth Square Hanger ( Pack 200 )

Code: 25-1049
Max Load 10kg
Material Steel
Type Sawtooth hangers
Quantity 200
Code: 25-1049

CWH1 Micro-sawtooth Square Hanger pack 200

Specially designed for hanging art on stretched canvas and for frames with hollow backs.

They are fitted in pairs and have slots for vertical adjustment - the design also allows some side-ways adjustment. They can hang on almost any nails, pins, screws, wall hooks or suspender hooks.

Fits frames with hollow backs 6mm+ deep and moulding 18mm+ wide. Guides speed alignment on the frame.

Hang CWH hangers directly on hooks or screws. No need to use picture cord or wire.

Safe working load: 10kg, when used in pairs

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