T Hook kit D/ Plate Aluminium

Code: 25-1021A
Type T Screws
Quantity 1 bag
Code: 25-1021A

T Screw + Top Hooks Kit for Aluminium Frames 1 bag

Top Hooks + T Screw kit to help secure hanging of Aluminium frames

This simple system hangs the framed picture safely on the wall and locks it in place.

The Top Hooks are fitted to the wall, side-by-side and the frame hangs on those. Oval holes allow for levelling. 

To secure the frame the T Screw is positioned at the centre of the bottom rail. A FrameSecure helps installers mark the wall. 

The head of a T Screw has flat sides to engage with the T Screw spanner. The frame is fits over T Screws in the wall which are turned with the T Screw spanner to engage in the channel of the frame.

When an aluminium frame is hung this way, theft and accidental dislodging are much less likely. T Screws work with most aluminium double-plate frame profiles.

Each kit contains:

Top Hook Plates 9105         x 2
Wall screws & plugs             x 2
T Screw & wall plug 2006    x 1

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