MORSO Mitring Machine EH Noiseless

Code: 27-1012J
Code: 27-1012J

MORSO Mitring Machine EH Noiseless


Electric / Hydraulic Single PH

MORSØ-EH NOISELESS is a fully automatic, electric/hydraulic miter machine with a dual hand release. This makes the machine completely safe as it is impossible to operate the machine and touch the knives at the same time.
It cuts all kinds of wood, plastic, MDF and plywood.
With MORSØ-EH NOISELESS you achieve a clean, smooth cut by automatically cutting the workpiece in minimum two cuts. The cutting time varies from 1 second and up, depending on the thickness of the work piece. Having finished the cutting, the knife block automatically returns to the starting position. The starting position (horizontal movement) is adjustable up to 60mm/ 2½”, (maximum width of the workpiece is 100mm). From 60mm/4” and up, the MORSØ-EH NOISELESS will automatically cut the workpiece bit by bit. The adjustment is made by a handle on the front of the MORSØ-EH NOISELESS.
The vertical movement of the knife block is also adjustable with three different heights depending on the thickness of the workpiece (small, medium, large).
Morsø EH NOISELESS is CE approved.

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